Walter Strauss – Acoustic Guitar Magazine article

There is a feature on Walter in the May issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine on Walter’s playing of West African stringed music on the guitar. The article is written by Teja Gerken and includes an interview, instructional videos and musical transcription/tablature.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Gerken: What comes to mind when you think of African guitar?

Strauss: The first thing I think of is ornamented but very groove-based stuff. It really varies with the region. If I think about Malagasy guitar and look at the way people play, it’s quite different from Malian guitar. When I’m playing guitar and trying to do African music, I’m looking at playing guitar like the harps of West Africa. So I’m playing a harp style where I’m doing big stretches and a lot of cross-picking. The two realms of West African music I’m most familiar with trying to play on the guitar are the kora and the kamale ngoni. The kamale ngoni is Wassalou music—from the southern part of Mali. It’s similar to the kora but it’s a smaller gourd and has fewer strings.

Read and view the full feature online at the Acoustic Magazine website or stop by the news stand to pick up a copy of the issue in print.

To learn more about the author, visit Teja Gerken’s website.